Hilary's Address:

Sister Hilary Worthen
Massachusetts Boston Mission
182 West Central Street
Suite #203
Natick, MA 01760

Sunday, March 23, 2008

"Oh that I were an ANGEL and could have the wish of my HEART"

...that I might go forth and speak
with the trump of God,
with a voice to shake the earth,
and cry repentance
unto every people!
Alma 29:1
1/21/08 We tract all day. Its pretty fun.
At first I didn't feel comfortable talking
so my companion would. She's super
patient with me.
(Audiotape) Gave a talk in Church today.
Still not comfortable doing that.
Sister Duncan said it was good.
3/10 I got asked to speak in Church
on Sunday... I do not like talking but it
was actually OK. I'm starting to feel
more comfortable on the stand.
3/17 Man, on our way to Church
the lady who teaches gospel essentials
called because she was sick and asked
if we'd teach. We can't say no.
So we taught Sunday School on the
millenium, Relief Society on repentance,
then a man named Robert Vigliotti got
baptized and OF COURSE wanted the
missionaries to speak at it.
So, yeah, we sure were tired when we
got home.

Friday, March 21, 2008

"Have a wonderful time at the Easter Pageant..."

Thanks for the Easter Pageant pics! {of 2008 practice}
I SO wish I could some how be in it
as well as be here, but no can do :(
{Hilary has been a cast member every year but once since 1999}

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

1st Transfer--Cape Cod, Massachusetts

"Welp, Cape Cod it is! Can you believe it?"

You always said you wanna come to the cape! :)

Well, it's beautiful here! I'm in a little village (isn't that cute?)
by a bay...it's tiny but cute. It's awesome when it's the
sunset over the Cape Cod Canal.

The people here are awesome! It's really booming out

here right now! A lot of potential & hard work! It's gonna

be GREAT! My companions name is Sister Susan Bingham.

She's from Jerome, Idaho. Really neat! It's awesome how

much we've grown together already. She liked her last city

but LOVES Cape Cod! I'm gonna feel the same, I already do!

The Ward here is AWESOME!

They come to appointments w/us, give us referrals, & feed us

every night. There have been a lot of baptisms b/c of the ward &

their desire to do missionary work! It's great! The youth are

amazing! There's this girl named Jennifer T. who talks to her

friends about our church, then has us over to teach them,

then they get baptized, it's awesome! She's awesome.

But things are going great! I know the Lord needs me here &

I'm excited to find out why! I love being a missionary!

This is going to be the area

I "forget myself and

go to work!" :)

Can't wait!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

We are teaching a wonderful family...

(transcribed from audiotape)

"After President Hinckley's funeral, Sister Duncan and I were tracting

and we started talking to some young girls on the street. They asked

what we do and we told them that we teach families about Jesus Christ.

They got excited and all said 'Come to my house, come to my house!'

One of the older girls wanted us to come over right then and when we

did we could hear her Mother say to her, 'I am not interested.' But the

youngest girl, Danielle Buckley, said 'Please come meet my Dad',

so we went to meet him but he wasn't home.

Danielle Buckley and me

Later in the week, Sister Duncan and I were having a companion planning

day. We needed to set our goal for how many people we would have

ready for baptism by 3/2. We weren't teaching any investigators at this

time. We prayed together and decided to put our hands behind our
backs and indicate a number and then bring them out in front at the
same time. We did this and we both had the number 2. We were so

excited that we got the same number that we were jumping up and
down and hugging. However, when we sat back down, Sister Duncan
said 'I really wanted to say 4 but I thought that was too many since we

aren't teaching anyone right now.' I said, me too, I really was thinking
4. So we prayed individually this time and we both felt like the number
of baptisms we would have by 3/2 was four.
A few days later we saw Danielle Buckley on the street

and she again invited us to her home to meet her Dad.

(letter 2/11)

His name is Sean Buckley and he is a single Dad with 6 kids. We invited them
to Church and they came. They LOVED church--they are all so sweet. The Dad
seems excited about the whole thing. We teach him tomorrow for the first time.

(audio tape)

Today we taught the Buckleys about tithing. I was very nervous about it
because they have a large family and things are tight for them.
But when we started talking about it, Sean said 'Tithing. That's one-tenth.
I would be happy to pay tithing because I think it shows Heavenly Father
that you really believe in Him.'
We were talking at District meeting that all people really know
the truth, and if they will listen to the Spirit, it will tell them
when truth is being retaught to them. Sean is really just being
reminded of the truths he already knows.

(letter 2/18) That family I told you about is getting baptized March 2nd.
I am so happy for them!
They are so humble!

(letter 2/27) Well I guess you already got the e-mail that I am being
transferred. I'm really sad because the Buckley's baptism is this
Sunday. We called them and they invited us over for good-byes.
Man it was hard! Sean hugged me when we came in and asked
if he could offer a prayer with us and his prayer was so sweet!
He simply thanked the Lord for sending Sister Duncan and I
to him and for preparing him to find the truth...

I just love that family so much!"

saying good-bye to the Buckleys

Dylan-11, Rachel-6, Danielle-9, Nick-5, Ryan-13, Hayley-5
with Sister Worthen and Sister Duncan

3/2/08 Sean, Ryan, Dylan, and Danielle Buckley at their

baptism--with Sister Duncan and Elders doing the baptisms

yes, that would be FOUR--

the same as Sisters Worthen and Duncan's GOAL!

(Thanks to Sister Duncan for sending the pictures
and for being a wonderful trainer/companion)

Arizona Girl in the Snow!

This was Sunday 2/10. We were tracting & all of a sudden
a huge wind of snow came along. NO GOOD! I had a short-
sleeved shirt on and knee high tights. I was FREEZING! But I
learned a lesson--that is never trust Massachusetts weather--
always be over prepared!
Sister Duncan and I are ready to play in the snow this time!
Hey! This is fun!
Gotta make a snow angel!

My New Apartment in Revere

"This is my apartment in Revere--yes the town is
named after Paul Revere--mine is the right door.
It goes straight upstairs as soon as you walk
in and we are on the whole top floor.
The landlords live on the bottom floor."
You find really cool door knockers here. haha
They kiss everytime you knock.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hilary and Flat Stanley Make it to BOSTON!!!

1st trip into the city

Hilary and Flat Stanley check out the Atlantic Ocean
for Brig Foster's kindergarten class

Sisters Worthen and Duncan

getting a history lesson on P-day

Friday, March 14, 2008

Sister Duncan--My trainer/companion

"Because we believe
that a missionary's first
companion is extremely
important, we have
assigned one of our most
faithful and dedicated

missionaries, Sister Kelsie
Duncan, to be your
daughter's companion."
(President England)

"My companion/trainer is Sis. Duncan from Springville,
Utah. She's awesome. We get along great! We work
really hard. We tract all day. It's pretty fun. @ first I
didn't feel comfortable talking so she would, then she
had me do it. She's super patient with me. Which is
so nice for me! :) (Sister Worthen)

"Sister Worthen arrived safely, a little tired..."

"We want you to know that all is well in the Massachusetts
Boston Mission! Sister Hilary Worthen arrived safely, a
little tired, but full of excitement and anticipation. How
thrilled we are to have her here with us. Enclosed is a
picture of your great missionary, Sister Worthen,
Sister England and me. We count it among our
choicest blessings to share this time with your daughter
as personal representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ.
We will do our best to build upon the wonderful
foundation that you have already laid. She will bless
the lives of many here in New England as she brings souls
unto Christ through dedication, sacrifice and love."
President Edward C. England

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Boston Bound for Real!

" It was fun to be able to talk to the family today! I really miss
everyone! But I know this is where I need to be right now. Our
family is awesome...Well I'm on the plane now and on the navigation
screen in front of me it says we're just flying over Lake Michigan. It
also says the weather is -14 degrees outside sometimes it goes up to
-20 degrees. Crazy! Who knew it could get that cold cuz I sure didn't!
Man this is going to be fun! Really!I'm gonna have a blast!
I can't wait to get to know Boston! I read through my patriarchal
blessing when I got on the plane and I was comforted with the feeling
that Boston is where I need to go and that I will bring the Gospel
to the people there. I love my patriarchal blessing.
I'm pretty tired and I better take a quick nap before our plane lands...
I can't wait to tell you how Boston is! (besides the 4 ft. snow :( ) ha"

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

About the MTC...and other important truths...

"I was having a bit of a hard time in the MTC the first
couple days because to be honest it is REALLY hard!
& humbling @ the same time. Like, you're literally
w/the Lord to have the Spirit w/you & to get
what people are throwing @ you (literally throwing).
It's hard to take everything all @ once,
they kinda just slam it in your face. But b/c
Heavenly Father loves me & hears my prayers,
I'm doing alot better!
I am beginning to actually believe in myself! :)
It's a great feeling."

"Mom I could not be any happier!
It feels so good to know
the Lord will provide
when you're not so sure of certain things!
But I've seen that all my life...
just here, the adversary
only comes in when you let it. Like we live in a bubble.
It's so nice!" :)

Read D&C 84:87-88, John 14:16-18, and Matthew 14:22-36
"He not only is there,
but is w/His arm stretched out for us to grab!
I really am learning so much!"

January 14, 2008
Two days before leaving the MTC the doctors removed a
plantars wart from the bottom of Sister Worthen's foot.
The MTC thinks of everything!

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

January 9, 2007--Last P-day in MTC
"Dad this picture reminded me of you:
at BYU--your favorite school
wearing your warm-up pants that
Boyd also took on his mission
in the snow--I remember you telling
me that you loved the snow so much
you would sleep with the window
open even on snowy nights."

Santa will find you at the MTC!

"Thanks so much for the Christmas package! I LOVED it! :) Those toe & hand warmers will come to get alot of use, I know. ha...We don't have any classes today because of Christmas...
I just got back from a devotional & Elder L. Tom Perry spoke along with his wife & daughter& her family. It was really good."

"I love my stocking"

MTC District

"I'm being treated like a princess up here in the
All the Elders open all our doors, get up out of
their chairs anytime Sisters enter a classroom
or the eating table
and stay standing until we sit down.
It shows so much respect it's amazing!
I (heart) it!"

Elders Olsen, Royer, Sisters Perry, Liston, and Worthen,

Elders Lloyd, Andreason, Bateman and Jerren

in front of Provo Temple

January 9,2007

"We got to go to the Temple as a zone for the first time

because it's been closed since we got here. The Spirit

was so strong, and it's like I got rejuvenated for Boston!

I can't wait to go!"

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My MTC Companions (yes, that is a plural)

"My companions are Sister Perry from Washington
and Sister Liston from Sandy, Utah.
They're great!"Sisters Liston, Perry and Worthen
Why isn't the Sister from Arizona wearing a coat?

Visiting Sister Liston at Sick Bay "One less companion for 2 1/2 days!

"get this, we have companion inventory every week where we say things that are bothering us as well as wut they like about me & one of them was, i kid you not!...but she liked how organized i was! I immediately thought of you! and my room...haha i knew you would (heart) that!"

Monday, March 10, 2008

This really CRAZY girl...

(Mom's words) Oops...I said I wasn't going to add anymore...
but I forgot about this Sister. She was a Canadian going
to Florida and was sitting next to us in the meeting they
have before the missionaries and their families go their
separate ways.
It is a BITTERSWEET time and very EMOTIONAL.
But this friendly gal was ready to get started
and after Hil and I had one last hug, she grabbed
onto Hil's arm and said 'Let's go!' and they got in
the missionary line and I walked out the door.

Hilary's words: "This is Sister Smith,
the girl I met before I left you.
I am so grateful for her!
She was an answer to my prayers!"