Hilary's Address:

Sister Hilary Worthen
Massachusetts Boston Mission
182 West Central Street
Suite #203
Natick, MA 01760

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Saying Good-bye in Cape Cod to
my dearest Sister Perry!
{Sister Perry has become a friend to our family.
She recently sent us a "Cape Cod package" with
salt water taffy, nautical note cards, sea shells, etc.
We responded with an "Arizona package" with
items related to our "5 C's"--citrus, cotton etc.
Sister Perry LOVES Hilary and called when she
was transferred to tell us that she wants
to stay in touch. She's a favorite!}

I helped plant this @ Sis. Perry's house :)

All of the Sisters @ transfer meeting 7/3/08
A lot of Sisters were transferred this time.
Sister Bingham is to the left of me.
New companion, Sister Wendt, is behind
Sister Bingham and me. Sister Wendt is
from Hurricane, Utah.
Sister Phillips and I. Isn't she the Cutest!
Note my Grandma Deenie pin :)
This was @ transfer mtg. 7/18
The Phillips are the Senior Missionary
couple in our Ward. Senior couples make
the missionary experience so much better.

Missy's baptism 7/5/08

Missy's Mom is recently activated and several

members of their family have been baptized .

This was a great start in a new area for me.

Missy has 3 daughters.

July 19th, 2008

Jim and Jen P. were married and divorced

and got back together before they were

converted to the Gospel...

we had an amazing experience with Jim

and Jen who were neighbors to a family

in our ward who referred the

missionaries to their home and they

have never stopped progressing since!

They were married by Bishop Whitcomb

on Sat. the 19th! Talk about a good 7

month mark celebration! It was a way

small wedding with like no more than

15 people there, but it was just perfect.

Sister Wendt and I made the refreshments.

haha it was so fun!!

Jim and Jen and Family 7/20/08

The next day, July 20th, Jim and Jen got baptized

as did Anastasia L. who is Missy's daughter.

My testimony is growing more and more every day

and I can't imagine not knowing right now the

things I'm learning out here...and there's SO

much more to learn! I've been so blessed!

I know I'm called of God to come out and

teach these people and that He needs me

and my personality to get into the hearts

of these people!

It's so neat to have always pictured who I want

to become and now out here on a mission,

I'm becoming that person!


Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Letter

Received a happy and cheery letter today.
Sister Worthen loves her new companion,
Sister Wendt,
but sent no information where she was from or anything
about her other than she is AWESOME
and that there is a ton of
great missionary opportunities
in her new Ward.
{Scroll down to Lexington Post to see a picture of
Sister Wendt}.
Sister Worthen's words: "When Sister Wendt
and I saw each other at transfers and found out
we could serve with each other, we were so
excited/scared it wouldn't happen,
but they called our names together and
We just thanked Heavenly Father so much!
But we know we're together because there
is alot of work to do! I'm so ready to
work HARD! We've already been able to
see a glimpse of what's to come with some
teaching appointments that
The Spirit was so strong!
Heavenly Father knows what
He's doing and He treats me good!"
{A Mom can't asked for better than that!}

Monday, July 7, 2008


On Wednesday, July 2, two ladies from the Cape Cod
area called to say that Sister Worthen was being
transferred. We haven't heard where she is yet, but are
anxiously awaiting her first letter and all of the
details. Here are her last pictures of Cape Cod.

"Cape Cod Canal with cute sailboats" :)

Falmouth Heights

The ladies who called were so appreciative of

Sister Worthen's work in their area. Our family

is grateful to the wonderful people of Cape Cod

who treated Hilary and the other missionaries

so royally. She has been greatly blessed to

know you and work amongst you.