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Monday, November 26, 2007

here we go..

1. sometimes i like to think i know how to speak spanish and converse with people.. or sing songs in spanish. truth is, i only know like uno, dose, guadalupe, verde, and rojo. oh and the song "saludo's saludo's amigos, greetings to my friends.." but i put a lil accent on it and it makes it sound excellen-tay! haha

2. i have the worlds best brothers and sisters and the cutest nieces and nephews! i'm the youngest of 7 and growing up i was like a doll for my older sisers and a punching bag for my brothers. but now that we're older/i can defend myself, we're all just good friends. i'd rather hangout with them than anyone else.. and i really don't know what i would do without them. and my nieces and nephews are to die for! they just say/do the funniest things they make me feel so loved!

3. i love my brothers dog big boy. i swear to you he's half human and he really is part of our fam. i love him..

4. in 3 weeks in going to be a missionary!! i'm going to boston and cannot wait!

(this pic is a good one.. )

5. speaking of boston.. i hate the cold! but i better get used to it i'll be slammed right into snow for the next few months.. lemme tell you i'm so excited...

6. i love celine dion! shawnda and i went to the celine dion concert last january and it was amazing! i mean her dancing and singing was so good! k i gotta be honest.. i cried when she came out.. i tried to hide it.. no.. didn't work. haha but she is just so good! haha don't tell ANYONE! ha

7. i have the worlds biggest sweet tooth! (if you can't tell by my rockin body! haha) anything with sugar/unhealthy, i'm down with.. literally.. well except black licorice. NAST!

welp, thats my 7 things. this is the longest one i've ever done. if u can't tell i got sick of typing by the end so they're real short towards the bottom.. eh, what can you do..

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


i was looking at my sisters blog and found this picture of my niece alice. she was showing this to us at ppp(peter piper pizza) for calees bday on monday and it really is the cutest thing! she like bows her head just for a second but you can totally tell she knows to bow her head! i just LOVE her! i'm going to miss my family!