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Friday, April 25, 2008

New Concept of "THE BEACH"

"Like a Lighthouse..."

Nobska Lighthouse in Falmouth, Massachusetts

Isn't it cute?

Located between Buzzard's Bay and Vineyard Sound

on Cape Cod

Sister Bingham and me at the beach...in 3 layers of

clothing including a wool jacket. No flip flops, swim suit,

tan or sun--something's not right about this beach...

It's still pretty tho.

We were tractin' & came to this door. I was freezing & tired

while these peeps were bakin' in the sun/catchin' waves.

This is up by a member's house.

It's a huge cliff & beneath is the beach?

Isn't is pretty?!


Who knew yardwork was FUN?

We helped this lady rake her leaves for 3 hours.
hard work, but fun!
her name is Diane

Friday, April 4, 2008

Pics Finally in--Here's my New Companion!

These are all of the Sisters who were at transfers 2/28

Sister Duncan's new companion is front center in tan.

My new companion is front far left.

Her name is Sister Susan Bingham. She's from Jerome,

Idaho. Really neat!...We have alot in common. It's

awesome how much we've grown together already!

She's only been out 4 months and was nervous about

being a Senior Companion, but prayer works!

The wind does what it wants to with my hair!

Sister Bingham, Bro. Rosbach, Robert Vigliotti,

and me at Robert's baptism March 9, 2008

Bro. Rosbach baptized Robert.

Easter Bunny Finds Me in New England

Sister Raymond, who has MS, brought
us Easter baskets full of trail mix, tooth-
paste, razors, shave gel, chocolate bunny,
jelly beans and a cute flower thing...oh
and banana bread. She's so nice!
I missed doing the Easter Pageant but on
Saturday I read in the Bible the different
versions (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) about
the Last Supper and so on. I could just
imagine the scenes happening in Easter
Pageant! Easter was so awesome! Last week
Sister Bingham and I were pretty disappointed
with our numbers (meaning new investigators,
referrals, and lessons taught)...so this week
we were really focusing on finding people.
We told the Lord--we're gonna go out and
tract and work, but that He needed to place
the people in our paths...and let me tell you
the Lord provided. All week we had worked
and tracted, so come Sunday we prayed with
everything we had left in us to see the fruits
of our labors. Here's what happened:
Sister Raymond brought a family
of 8 and they want to know more!
Sister Manos brought her husband
who is Greek Orthodox and as stubborn about
the Church as you can get. But we have
gained a friendship with him.
Sister Wagner, one of our recent converts
brought a nonmember friend to
Church. There were just alot of little
miracles that happened at Church on Easter!
I love it out here!