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Monday, December 17, 2007

boston bound

well i'm off to good ol(freezing) boston! i love all of you and am grateful for your support! i hope 1 and a 1/2 treats everyone good and i can't wait to see everyone when i get home! but i gotta few unfinished business(dramatic)..
shawnda- be good girly! write me every week, i promise i won't write you off! haha have a good time in provo! it'll be awesome write and tell me everything! don't get married.. well if u do u know where to get the hook ups for a hils remake-lets call it #2. also get goin on your mission papes, the Lord needs you out there! i love you! and i'll miss you!

shout out to my brothers/sil's/sisters:
i know tomorrow i won't get to say what i want to so i wanna say it now. i just love you all! i really could not ask for better brothers and sisters and perfect sil's that fit right in! its crazy cuz you all are the reason i wanna stay but at the same time i wanna go for you guys! i'm gonna miss you guys the most! you've been my protectors and guardians and my life support! i feel bad i can't return what you all give to me.. i would be absolutely no where without you all! i love you nin lonny courtey todd la kk syd dave boyd niki kyle and melissa! i can't think of what i did to deserve all the awesome people in my life, specifically you guys! i love you! don't forget to write!

love #7

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

i'm gonna miss em..

i'm leavin here in 5 days and i am so excited but i'm going to miss my nieces and nephews so much!

clay g love and ems makin cute faces! their fav kinda pic
me and the bo bo he looks sweet but don't let him fool you! he's naughty. but i love the kid!
us at tay mace and kaitybug's choir concert thing. it was so cute!

sally would eat sand then cry cuz she had sand in her mouth so then she'd put more.. she just didn't get it.. haha but i mean i enjoyed it..

g love showin off her moves during hsm2.
i told her to pose while she was dancing and this is what she delivered! i love it!
i just love sally girl! with her chubby cheeks and the rolls in her arms/legs. her big ears are the cutest and her blue eyes are dreamy!
we buried lukey boy in the sand. he was doin fine chillin in there til he realized he couldn't get out.. he panicked but kyle came to the rescue and got him out..
baby alice.. i really just love her!
oh boy.. tryin to getta pic of the grandkids after our post thanksgiving softball game wit the collins' didn't work out to well.. haha

worthen grands and cummard grands together for decorating gingerbread houses wes got a 100 bucks for not drinking soda for a year and a 44 soda from sonic! atta way!
all the boys

the girls

shout out to my nieces and nephews who read this.. do good and remember to always choose the right! i'm gonna miss you guys but i'll be back in no time! know that i love you but more importantly know that your Heavenly Father loves you! write me! i'll miss you! i love you guys more than anything! don't forget your favorite aunt hils/hiry/hiwy/oli(oldie from wes)!

alright.. i'm literally crying while writing this.. i gotta stop! this is gonna be a rough week..

Monday, December 3, 2007

i'm outta here..

well not quite.. got 2 more weeks.. but i was just lettin everyone know my farewell is this sunday, dec 9th @ 12:30. the church building is inbetween sossaman and the 202 freeway on hawes. it's north of guadalupe and south of baseline. then we're also going to do a lil 'gathering' at kyle and melissas right after sacrament. have anymore ?'s lemme know..

Monday, November 26, 2007

here we go..

1. sometimes i like to think i know how to speak spanish and converse with people.. or sing songs in spanish. truth is, i only know like uno, dose, guadalupe, verde, and rojo. oh and the song "saludo's saludo's amigos, greetings to my friends.." but i put a lil accent on it and it makes it sound excellen-tay! haha

2. i have the worlds best brothers and sisters and the cutest nieces and nephews! i'm the youngest of 7 and growing up i was like a doll for my older sisers and a punching bag for my brothers. but now that we're older/i can defend myself, we're all just good friends. i'd rather hangout with them than anyone else.. and i really don't know what i would do without them. and my nieces and nephews are to die for! they just say/do the funniest things they make me feel so loved!

3. i love my brothers dog big boy. i swear to you he's half human and he really is part of our fam. i love him..

4. in 3 weeks in going to be a missionary!! i'm going to boston and cannot wait!

(this pic is a good one.. )

5. speaking of boston.. i hate the cold! but i better get used to it i'll be slammed right into snow for the next few months.. lemme tell you i'm so excited...

6. i love celine dion! shawnda and i went to the celine dion concert last january and it was amazing! i mean her dancing and singing was so good! k i gotta be honest.. i cried when she came out.. i tried to hide it.. no.. didn't work. haha but she is just so good! haha don't tell ANYONE! ha

7. i have the worlds biggest sweet tooth! (if you can't tell by my rockin body! haha) anything with sugar/unhealthy, i'm down with.. literally.. well except black licorice. NAST!

welp, thats my 7 things. this is the longest one i've ever done. if u can't tell i got sick of typing by the end so they're real short towards the bottom.. eh, what can you do..

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


i was looking at my sisters blog and found this picture of my niece alice. she was showing this to us at ppp(peter piper pizza) for calees bday on monday and it really is the cutest thing! she like bows her head just for a second but you can totally tell she knows to bow her head! i just LOVE her! i'm going to miss my family!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

opened my call and it's boston massachusetts baby! i report december 19th(ya heard.. 7 wks and THREE DAYS!!) i'm so stoked! i love boston already! ha

Sunday, October 21, 2007

my niece emma had to get her appendix taken out last week and my boyfriend, matt leinart, went to go visit the fam.. he's the best!

Monday, October 8, 2007

chris farley lives!!

nuff said.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

welp today is my blogging day i guess.. i posted 3 new ones! THREE! but i had to do a shout out to l dubb. its his bday! happy birhtday pops! (this picture is from like3 years ago if not more)

this is the cutest!

my sister in law showed me this a few weeks ago and i just can't get over it! its the cutest thing i've ever seen! turn up ur volume and watch it!

vampires are waiting for me in heaven..

k so on tuesday shawnda and i went and did baptisms for the dead. it was just a normal day.. shawnda had already been confirmed and everything and now it was my turn in the hot seat. well it was totally serious and in tune and everything then he says "for and in behalf of ALICE CULLEN"! i almost jumped outta the chair (cuz i mean in my head the people in this book are REAL! i swear to you! and now it was proof.) instead i jus waited til "amen" and kinda peeked at shawnda to see if she heard what i heard and she had a huge smile and i knew she was thinking the same thing.. when the man confirming me was done, it was pretty much the first thing that came outta our mouths. we decided vampires can make it into salvation. so, i have made the decision to stay free of marrying and am going to wait until the next life where edward and i can be together.. forever. haha oh boy!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

tribute... 3 years ago yesterday! crazy! real cute pics, i know!