Hilary's Address:

Sister Hilary Worthen
Massachusetts Boston Mission
182 West Central Street
Suite #203
Natick, MA 01760

Saturday, February 23, 2008

December 19, 2007--Entering the MTC--At Last!!!

Hilary had a relatively short time between her call and reporting to the MTC--about 6 1/2 weeks. She had lots to do to get ready and no real semblance of understanding the real "COLD" she was preparing for. She talked to people who "knew" New England, made lots of lists and checked things off; got her necessary shots, made purchases according to the instructions sent from Salt Lake, received her Temple Endowments, spoke in Church and and had an open house for friends and relatives, wrapped things up at Hair-do, celebrated Christmas early and had a memorable setting apart by Stake President Russell Thornock. Then she packed and said her good-byes. She had accomplished all she needed to do in Salt Lake and had made the last two trips to Target for things she needed.

Sister Worthen was asked to report at 12:30. It was raining and cold.
She was exhausted but excited.


Sister Worthen signs in

Gets Instructions

Gets her Missionary badge--A Mother's Dream!!!

And one last hug.....So Proud of You!!!

The last picture we took was the one by the international Christmas tree at the top of this blog. We were then asked to put our cameras away as we proceeded to her first meeting.

This will be the last post in my words. From now on I will be sharing only Hil's thoughts and pictures as she sends them to the family. To all who read this and care about Sister Worthen, we love you and thank you with all our hearts for the love and support you have shown to her. We are so grateful that she has an opportunity to serve the Lord and represent our family in this glorius work. (Posted by Mom)

One Last Person to See

Uncle Dic and Aunt Jennifer are wonderful hosts and know how to give missionaries a proper send-off! They made their wonderful homemade waffles for breakfast as we prepared to take Hilary to Provo and she loved it. Dic and Jennifer are also a wealth of information about the mission field, what to take, where to get it, how to send stuff--they know all the tricks. Thanks to the Johnsons for making us feel so welcome and seeing Hilary off with lots of love.

Before she entered the MTC there was one more person Hilary really wanted to see. Bekah Parker has been such a wonderful friend and role model to Hilary for the past 8 or so years. For those of you who don't know Bekah, she is one of those people who could still smile and find things to be positive about as she battled cancer, had chemo, lost her hair etc. etc. Her amazing attitude about life and the Gospel are nothing short of inspiring. Yes, a good dose of "Bekah" was what Hilary and I needed as she prepared to enter the MTC.

(at Bekah's office at the Creamery)
And of course, she didn't disappoint!
Uplifting, Positive, Encouraging, Interested, Caring Bekah
We love you!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Last Day Before Entering MTC

The airport scene was hard on Hilary--but the good news was that the rest of the day went perfect. We walked right on the plane, Aunt Jennifer picked us up at the airport and delivered us at Temple Square. Hilary really wanted--no--NEEDED to see Sister Tiffany Lloyd, a good friend who was in school with her at Toni and Guy, and who was now a Temple Square Missionary. But when we got to Temple Square we found out it was her P-day and she wouldn't be back on Temple Square until 6:00 p.m.--about 7 hours away. We decided this would be the perfect time to go to the Salt Lake Temple and we enjoyed a peaceful "live" session. It was just what we both needed to be rejuvenated physically and spiritually and to remember why Hilary was choosing to represent this wonderful Church. On Temple Square a real transformation took place in Hilary and she commented on it too. When the Sister Missionaries asked her who she was so they could tell Sister Lloyd, Hilary didn't hesitate to say "Sister Worthen". From that time on it seemed that she thought of herself as a missionary.

Temple Square is always beautiful, but it was especially

beautiful that night with the Holiday lights in the trees.

We spent the afternoon shopping for some warm clothes (Hilary was totally freezing), and then we went to find Sister Lloyd. We searched in all the different locations where Sister Mission-aries serve on Temple Square. Uncle Dic was going to be picking us up soon, so we only had a few minutes to find her. We hunted everywhere and time was running out.

Only one place left to look before we had to give up and............


They hugged and cried and were so thrilled that they both were seeing their goals of being missionaries actually happen. Sister Lloyd gave Sister Worthen some much needed advice and let her know that even though you still will love your family, you will be too busy to be thinking of them all the time. Seeing Sister Lloyd so happy and excited about her mission was just what Hilary needed. After visiting for about 10 minutes, Sister Lloyd had to get back to work, and we left Temple Square to hitch a ride to the Johnson's house with Uncle Dic where we had dinner, visited with cousins, slept, and hit Target two more times for last minute "stuff".

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sister Worthen's Address

The missionaries in the Massachusetts Boston Mission are not allowed to e-mail or use the computer to correspond in any way. She would love to hear from you!! Her address is:

Sister Hilary Worthen

Massachusetts Boston Mission

385 Concord Avenue Ste. 100

Belmont, MA 02478

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Parting is such "Sweet Sorrow"

Hilary has been out in the mission field for 2 months and she is having a really wonderful time. Her letters are full of great experiences and the photos she has sent home are priceless. We wanted to share this information with her friends and loved ones on this site. We will try to use her words as much as possible.

I would just like to say one thing in this first post. We are so proud of Hilary. Leaving home and the people who love you is never easy. Those of you who know her well know that Hils has had some pretty unique life experiences for a 21 year old. These trials have been wonderful learning opportunities for her and with each trial she tried very hard to figure out what lesson she needed to learn. One thing she knew for sure and expressed to me was that she knew the Lord was by her side throughout each trial. When the opportunity to serve a mission got closer, she knew that was what she wanted and needed to do. So many blessings have come already. There is no way she cannot know that she is very much loved and supported by so many of you who have been so dear to her as she has prepared to go and for these first two months. Please know that she is being very obedient to every mission rule and feels that she represents her family and friends as well as the Lord. Because of her strict obedience, she is having much success as we will document.
Posted by Mom
Syd and Sally come by to see how the packing is going
Linds and all the Kennedy Kids

Wes will tower over Hil when she gets back!!!

Everyone wanted to be close to her

Hopefully the Foster girls won't start cutting their own hair again!

G-Love is smiling now because she really thinks she is going with Hilary

Our Baby Princess!!

The last group picture--time to go through Security.

Court's face says it all!

However, the worst was yet to come!!