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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Sister Worthen's great bud/Hawaii roommate/
dress-up partner/ and confidante
Shawnda Bowden
FINALLY found out where she is going after
her call was lost in the mail for 2 weeks!!!
Kirtland, Ohio!!!
Reporting 10/01/08
Shawnda will be an AWESOME MISSIONARY!!!
congratulations Shawnda!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Andrew is Getting Baptized

who is the son of Jim and Jen
(who were baptized on July 20th)
is getting baptized on August 10th.
His Dad received the Aaronic Priesthood
on 8/03/08 and will be baptizing him.
They are an amazing family!
Their testimonies are strong...
although I do need a lil bit of help.
Andrew is extremely
high functioning autistic..
like most of the time you wouldn't be able to tell,
but he's having a really hard time staying calm
during sacrament meeting
because it's so long to not be able to move around.
He just gets bored.
So I need some ideas
for a sacrament packet...
he's 11 and loves magic.
Ha he's awesome!
We do have to teach him differently
than most people...alot of interaction
type of lessons, but he's definitely learning!
He's wicked smart.

Jim, Jen and family at their wedding
July 19, 2008.
Yes, Andrew has his arm around me
...sh....don't tell! Ha Ha!
Andrew LOVES his Dad!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Q and A with Sister W

{Editor's note: Sister Worthen--gotta love her--just doesn't

write DETAILS.

She'll say "I love my new companion", but won't say why.

Or--"my mission Pres. is the best"--but not add what it is

about him that makes him great? So, as her official

missionary blogger, I sent her a question and answer

sheet with questions typed and then lines for her to

answer and she obediently replied in DETAIL! YEA!!}

Q. Where is Sister Wendt {new comp} from and what is it about her that makes her such an awesome companion?

A. She's from Hurricane, Utah (pronounced hurrican) pretty much Nevada. I don't feel like Sis. Wendt judges me. She continually reminds me of my strengths and motivates me to keep truckin when times are rough. I feel Heavenly Father's love for me through her.

Sister Wendt and Worthen with recent convert

Q. How have you been doing with the summer in Mass? When we watch the weather reports it looks like it rains there a lot.
A. It does rain ALOT here. It's really humid too. Some days I just want to go back into the shower b/c it feels like I never dried off. It's weird. It hasn't been as bad as I had expected tho. But we are in the car most of the time--or in peoples' homes.

Print entitiled "Rainy day in Boston"

Q. How did your interview with Pres. England go last week? Tell us something about his personality and leadership style.
A. He's awesome. If you don't go into an interview with a question, the interview takes a minute. Of course, I learned my lesson and go in with concerns/questions everytime. This past interview I asked him what I can do to reach out on a social basis to ward members and he said I needed to get out of my comfort zone. Then I told him I was scared and he said "what's the opposite of fear? Faith." I need to have more faith in Christ and in myself. He just tells it like it is and I love it..He's not all strict tho, he jokes too. He's just a good good man. His goal is to have missionaries change for the future, so they will have strength their whole life.

Q. How is your new ward?
A. The new ward is just awesome. They feed us quite well. It's fun going around to their houses. The houses here look like Oregon houses. They're all different. I love it! We drive a car--an '08 malibu. red. Her name is foxy. haha I'm hopin--well I prob will--be transferred like january-ish to the city where I will walk--they don't drive in the city and it's mostly singles' wards there.

Q. What is your prediction for where Shawnda is going?{receiving her mission call any time now}

A. BOSTON BOUND BABY! No--I wish! I think S. America. How about ---Argentina--no Peru--no prob Argentina. Final answer. ha

It's your turn now girl!