Hilary's Address:

Sister Hilary Worthen
Massachusetts Boston Mission
182 West Central Street
Suite #203
Natick, MA 01760

Saturday, June 28, 2008

All's Well in Cape Cod

Yea! New Pictures!

"This is what you see coming off the Bourne Bridge.

We were at the IHOP on the corner so I was able

to snap a pic :) ."

(Top Picture) Sister Bingham and I visit Boston
(Above) Here we are at a park in Plymouth on P-day
Taking the ferry to Naushon Island

{Naushon Island is part of the Elizabeth Islands. It is

7 miles long and is just off Cape Cod to the Southwest.

The island is owned by the Forbes Family and has a

permanent population of 30 persons --according

to the 2000 census. It is private property and closed

to the public. There are no paved roads but many

miles of trail through the mostly beech woods}.
{Sorry--googled a picture of Naushon Island

and couldn't get it to go any bigger.

I think the Sisters were visiting

a member who lives on the Island}

"Me cutting Larry's hair. I got

permission from Pres. England

don'tworry. Not a good pic--

neither of us were looking."

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sister Worthen's 6 Month Anniversary

(Posted by Mom)

Sister Worthen has been a little slow in getting
her latest pictures developed and sent home
so I thought this might be a good time for a
family six month anniversary post!

Sister Worthen
did the funniest thing as a goodbye/
Christmas present. She had her friend
Ashley Ramirez take the above picture
and then she enlarged it and gave me
strict instructions
to put it by the front door at the
family get together on Christmas Day
and then ring the doorbell...
This was the reaction!!

Now "Hilary" goes to all
family gatherings.... Calee's Baptism

Valentine Slumber parties.....

(they are making valentines to send to Hilary)

"Hilary" isn't is this picture--but her

clothes are. The girls raided her closet!

(but they put it all back!)
Molly Cummard and Gracie say hi to

Hilary while visiting Grandma during

their birthday date

Easter Family Reunion with the Corbetts

Our Las Vegas cousins who came down

to see the Easter Pageant, Reflections

of Christ and have a fun reunion.

here are most of the Worthen and Corbett grandkids with Hils

Talking to Sister Worthen--Mother's Day 2008

Hilary's big sis Wende and BoBo (Brody) Foster

(Missionaries can only call home 2 times a year--

Mother's Day and Christmas Day)

We had everyone who talked to Hilary

sign the back of "Hilary". At the end of

the 2 hours we had 21 signatures! This

is Wesley Chamberlin, Hilary's oldest


Dad, Kohl and Keith Kennedy talk to Hilary

on Mother's Day Sydney and Cooper Cummard on Mother's Day

(see that more people have signed the back)

Kyle and Melissa Worthen (below--with Hilary at the

2007 Easter Pageant) are currently in Virginia working

for 6 months. Hilary called them and then they called us

in Mesa and stayed on the line the full 2 hours!

Here are the grandkids writing to Hilary

while they were at the Cummard's Cabin--

Macy Foster and Molly Cummard

Molly and Wesley and Luke Chamberlin

Sydney and Cooper Cummard, Lindsay and Grace Kennedy

(Below)Lindsay, and Paige and Courtney Chamberlin

Last, but not least, here is Hilary's plaque which is hanging

up at the Hawes Ward. All her life Hilary has looked at and

read the missionary plaques in Wards and now she has

her own--it's a really nice one too! Thanks Hawes Ward!

To Hilary--one year from now, when you

read this, I hope you will realize how much

we all love you and are remembering you

and all missionaries in our prayers. Stay

strong, sweet and humble and you will

continue to serve a successful mission for

The Church of Jesus Christ

of Latter-day Saints.