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Sister Hilary Worthen
Massachusetts Boston Mission
182 West Central Street
Suite #203
Natick, MA 01760

Thursday, February 12, 2009


okay so i gotta funny story for you all that i keep forgettin to tell yous!! okay so this happened like 3 weeks ago or somethin.. but i was cookin lunch for us and all we had was refried beans and so i thought "hmm i'll make bean burritoes". well we only had 2 tortillas and this is when i was in the trio, so i went back into the fridge and found 2 small corn tortillas so i thought i'll make a tostada. so i pour the oil in the pan to cook the tostadas and turn the stove on high. meanwhile sister mahaffey is making dinner for a less active family who is havin it tough in the financial department.. and she says i need a pan to cook this is in the oven. so i'm like hey i'll go find ya one from the neighbors-well she ended up comin with me and our neighbors right down the hall weren't home, so we went upstairs to a different family(the wilsons). well while i'm up there talkin to them, i think "oh snap-the stove is on high and the oil is in the pan!" but then i think- bingham is a smart chica-she'll know to turn it off. well we came back down to the apt to find smoke like crazy! bingham's in the bathroom bc apparently we left the door open while she was standing there in her tights ironing her skirt! oops!!! so i go to grab the pan and all of a sudden our fire alarm goes off so i put it down to try to fan the alarm so it'll stop. (btw we couldn't open our windows- they frozen shut!!) didn't work so i thought-hmm it's cold outside i'll take it out there. when i walked back into the apartment complex the entire complex' alarm was going off-all the doors in our hallways were shutting and i just stood there and started shaking! i walked into our aprtment and looked at mahaff and said "i'm going to cry!" she starts laughing and is trying to calm me down.. but everyone was evacuating the bldg!! so i go out to tell them whats up and they all just laugh at me! well the firemen show up- 2 actually- sirens and all!! the looked at me and said "you look guilty" so i told them the story and well- they laughed! and brought a big fan in to get the smoke out. but hey- we gotta picture!! :) so here's mahaff and i with the firemen!haha love you all! just wanted to let you know God is looking out for us! :) hah