Hilary's Address:

Sister Hilary Worthen
Massachusetts Boston Mission
182 West Central Street
Suite #203
Natick, MA 01760

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Celebrating the 9 Month Mark (in an interesting way!)

Before Sister Wendt was transferred,
W2 had the opportunity to celebrate
Hilary's 9 month mark
in the mission (1/2 waydone--WooHoo!)

Not to be outdone by events happening at home,
(both sister Lindsay, and sister in law Melissa
are 9 months pregnant--see picture below),
W2 get into costume!!!
here's the REAL THING!!!!

On Hil's 9 month anniversary--the Sisters

got to atttend "Time Out for Women".

"Here's Kenneth Cope singing 'Because

I Have Been Given Much' --reminded me

of my farewell."

(Hil's brother, Kyle, sang this song at her farewell)

Here's the group from our Ward :)

front to back--Sister Bassett, Sis. Carmack,

Merriam Carmack, Sis. Wendt, Sis. Goguen,

and ME. :)

And back to the real reason we're here...

Dillon and Danielle and Sister Worthen


"The baptism yesterday went well!! Her name

is Danielle Bunker. Yes, she was supposed to

be baptized a while ago, but Satan has put so

many trials in life to stop her from being baptized.

He can't win tho--she's too strong! So alls we had

to do was push it back a little bit. She's an amazing

girl. Her Hubby is recently re-activated (ever since

we've been teaching Danielle) and he baptized her

and the poor guy was so nervous he kept messing up.

It took him 3 times but its all done, and

she's baptized!! woop woop!!

Hilary, D2 and introducing for the 1st time--

Sister Parkin--Hilary's companion

Hilary writes "She's from SLC, Utah and she's

been out for 15 months. She's a really good

missionary who has such a good attitude.

She's a fun gal. I'm excited to get to know her more.

She goes home in Dec. So I'll probably be with her

until then and then I'll have a new comp

for a couple months, then go to the city,

as that 's the only place I haven't served."