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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


hi everyone! we had a baptism yesterday and i just wanted to share the miracle with everyone! so bill fohy-i think i've mentioned him to everyone before. but he's 72 and was catholic all his life. he's the one who worked for john huntsman and met pres hinckley. he had met with missionaries before for a couple of years, but couldn't quite get the tesimony. well when sister wendt and i got the challenge from our zone leaders to see who could find the most investigators we were so stoked! but come sunday-the last day of our challenge, we only had 3.. weak!! oh and i forgot to mention it was pouring rain after church so we were like how are we going to find these investigators?!? well i was pretty determined to find as many as possible.. so i prayed asking how we're gonna do this and the thought came to my mind to call old investigators that were in the area book. so we did and that night we found 9 new investigators! one of which is bill fohy... stubborn old guy! love him to death tho.. anyways after teaching him a couple of times, we knew he was ready. so we committed him to baptism a few times and everytime he denied and said he isn't ready well we set one with him for dec 14th. as most of you know-that was the ice storm weekend! so we went to his house afterwards to bump it to the next week, and he said he wanted to wait till after the holidays. we were pretty upset. but had to respect that. so we rescheduled for the 11th of january and what a blessed day was that!! so on saturday, we went to bill's with the most amazing family-the stokes. and bro stokes said to bill no matter what the weather is like we are having this baptism! bc there was news of a storm soming this weekend. so sunday morning we wake up and whatdo ya know- it snowed! alot! but we had the faith that everything would work out bc God wanted bill to be baptized so bad!! so church was cancelled, but bills baptism was set for 2 bc the storm was supposed to end at 1ish. so we went and filled the font and everything was ready and at 145 it was still snowing- but bill showed up 15 min early to get dressed in his white and he was just glowing! then we had about 10 other people show up. 4 of which were our investigators who commited to come to church for the first time but since it was cancelled they came to the baptism. and at 2 the storm stopped and the sun came out shining bright as ever! the roads were all plowed and it was beautiful! his baptism was amazing! the spirit was so strong, and afterwards he comes to us and says "i'll never forget you girls!" sweetest thing in the world! it was such a testimony to me of "opposition in all things". i know that if we just endure the "storms" in our lives, the Lord can pour His blessings out upon all of us! i love all of you! keep truckin through them hard times! so with the story of how we found bill, we also found a lady named tanya hansen. she came to bills baptism and said afterwards "i feel lighter". she is getting baptized next sunday if all goes well! oh and a family we are teaching are the other ones who came to his baptism. the jafferians. they are very christian at the boston church of Christ but each time we go over to teach them, they are softening their hearts.they came to the baptism and afterwards we had a long talk with our ward mission leader and his wife,the jafferians, and the elders in our ward about the church, and we can feel they are really coming around! i love this church so much! it truly changes lives! i miss you all so much and love you like crazy! continue to be good and share the gospel! nothing will bring greater happiness.. just use the sentence "i love my church because.." with non members.. and let the spirit do the rest. take care!! love, shw


Bekah Parker said...

Oh I just love this story. Gave me goosebumps reading it.

Niki (Crum) Worthen said...

she's amazing!

The Foster Family said...

That's my sis!

elder webb said...

its cool you found someone who was of a different faith that was touched by gordons spirit enough to take the leap and see what he saw to find why he was who he was
and to be in the footsteps of gordon b hinkley

Marilyn said...

Hey, I know those people!! (I took the picture and am married to one of them).

BRogers said...

Hello Hillary!! I just found your blog. I loved reading your testimony about the baptism. It made me tear up. Hope all is well and your not too cold!! Love--Bobbi

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Hillary, We have been home for a week and are missing the mission field. Your baptismal and teaching stories are so heart warming. What a grand missionary you are! Thank you for sharing and bringing that love filled missionary spirit to us once more.

AMIT said...

Oh very nice story.

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